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To Book Your Shoot:

Please email us. We'll need to know how many looks you're interested in shooting and whether you'll be doing your own hair and makeup or hiring an artist from the recommendations list (either is fine, but we do need to know for scheduling purposes).

You'll either hear from myself or my office assistant.

AVAILABILITY:  I typically book up 3-6 weeks in advance, but I do have a waiting list for those who want to get offered something sooner if a session reschedules. 

Pay a $200 Deposit: This is pretty basic photographer stuff. But why? Well, frankly, I need to know you’re serious about booking with me. 

The deposit is non-refundable. However, it goes toward your final balance. It’s not extra. Think of it as your first payment. 

Deposits are transferrable to a new date if you need to reschedule. You may forfeit your deposit if you cancel 72 hours in advance, however, if I can't fill your spot with someone from my wait list. If you reschedule within 24 hours, you forfeit your deposit. If you reschedule a second time, a new deposit is required. Why? My time is valuable to me, and it's valuable to those on my waitlist who are waiting to get scheduled. While I understand auditions come up very last minute, actors and models should book-out with their agents when they book a session. It's part of the business. 

 Paying your deposit is easy. Here are your options: 

- Mail me a check to my old-school PO Box:

Emily Sandifer Photography
PO BOX 874
Frazier Park, CA 93225

- Venmo (@EmilySandifer)

Paypal - Use the friends and family option with your bank account (or pay the fee):

- Request to pay online through electronic invoice. I'll send you a super easy to pay invoice using your debit or credit card (3% fee applies)


What happens if you need to reschedule? No problem. Your deposit is transferred to your new day. Please be courteous by giving me 2-3 day notice. It’s just good manners and I also have other clients I'm scheduling accordingly. 

Actors: Last minute audition? Not a problem. Being an actor myself, I understand things happen last minute in this town. We can move the session to a new day if you have an audition that comes up the night before. Please refer to the deposit guidelines, however. 

I’ll confirm with you the day before the shoot with directions and parking info. 

Running late? Call me. Text me. Let me know. I probably have a session before or after you. Being late may cause you less time for your session at the same rate. 

My rule of thumb: Respect my time and I will respect yours.